Cry Baby Mini Wah – CBM95

by Mar 26, 2019

The Cry Baby Mini Wah A.K.A. CBM95 may be small but it packs the same classic Wah tone of the larger Cry Baby Wah Pedal line. Removing the bottom plate reveals the not so secret internal switch. This three-way switch allows you to choose one of three different frequency ranges making it a very versatile pedal:

It is the size of a standard guitar pedal and can fit easily onto any pedal board. I have the CBM95 cry baby mini wah in the first position on pedal on my board. Putting the Wah pedal is standard practice also. A tuner or looper pedal can go in front of it in the effects chain.

It is made of a sturdy metal construction and is built to take a beating. It has True Bypass. The cry baby mini wah accepts a 9V battery or it takes a plug on the side of the pedal for power.

I highly recommend this Cry Baby Mini Wah. As of this writing it has been on my pedal board for over a year now.

Check out my video review to hear the three frequencys. 

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