Music Copyright claims against YouTube Musicians

by | Apr 14, 2019

There has been a massive copyright claim ambush on YouTube this month. Many videos are getting a copyright strike for containing copyright music and some videos are being taken down. This isn’t YouTube doing this per se, they have to react if a company makes a copyright claim. It’s not exactly known who is making these claims but most likely the music publishers themselves. All or most of the Guitar YouTubers that I watch have received some copyright strikes and had some of their videos taken down. This is an issue because it seems indiscriminate and this is their lively hood in some cases. Some YouTubers have had videos taken down for mentioning an artist name and playing a small clip to explain how a song was produced. Should guitar or music lesson on how to play the song be taken down? Seems to me it’s beneficial to an artist to get this free exposure and keep their music alive. Many are using the song for educational, legit fair use purposes and getting a copyright strike. There have been some successes in overturning these strikes which is why I said, indiscriminate earlier.

Let me get into why I think this action is good for the YouTube music community. I do think globally making copyright strikes and taking down musician videos because some bot found 4 seconds of copyright music is the wrong thing to do because a auto bot cannot determine the purpose of videos that are protected under fair use and should not be removed or copyright strike. That said YouTubers are starting to play original music and this is a side effect of this issue that I fully support. Musicians now have an out during live shows, to say “I can’t play that, they will take my video down” when asked to play a cover song. I sometimes get  bored when I watch a live show and people request the musician to play Van Halen, AC/DC, Blah-Blah, etc… It’s great sometimes but we all know it’s not sometimes, it’s the entire live show with people asking the YouTube artist to play some cover. The chat becomes lame and the show loses something. I want to hear the YouTubers style and how they play and I think now we are going to. I think we will see more lesson videos about how to play and we all become better musicians because of this. 


Check out some of my favorite YouTubers that I am subscribed to. I put the links to 4 channel and then an additional 4 YouTubers in the video list below. They are in no particular order.  


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