MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive

by | Mar 28, 2019

#The MXR EVH 5150 is simply put, an Amazing overdrive/distortion pedal. On the pedal it is officially an overdrive pedal but to me it’s both. You can get so many tones from this pedal, from Stevie Ray Vaughan Blues tones to Metallica tones and of course Eddie Van Halen tones. There are so many things to love but my favorite is that you still hear the notes even if the gain is turned up.

This pedal plays well with amplifiers. Check out my YouTube demo where I am able to decrease the volume on my 40 watt Fender Hot Rod Deluxe lll to bedroom practice levels and get a great tone with the EVH 5150.

I like the flexibility of this pedal. It has five knobs, and 1 mini know for the noise gate as well as one push boost for some extra umphhh if needed:

  • Output – The Volume
  • Bass
  • mid
  • Treble
  • Gain – How much overdrive do you want
  • Boost Push – 6dB boost
  • Mini Noise Gate knob
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What does a Noise Gate Do? It removes unwanted pickup noise, for example a single coil strat can have a load hum when you aren’t picking the string and if the sensitivity on the noise gate is set higher as soon as you stop picking the noise gate kicks in and shuts the noise off. You can control the sensitivity with the knob and when the noise gate kicks on the know has an orange light that comes on. This is a great feature of this pedal, saving you the need to buy a separate noise gate pedal.

I like to set my amp to a good clean tone. Then with the five knobs on the EVH5150 pedal I can dial in whatever tones I need from my pedal board without having to touch the amp. I love that. Turning down the gain and using a Stat or LP style guitar can get you some good blues tones. Crank the gain and turn the mid down along with and EMG pickup guitar and you can that Metallica tone.

The MXR EVH 5150 comes in a sturdy metal exterior with a matte grey-black background color and black Eddie Van Halen stripes forming a great looking pedal. The line on the knobs glow in the dark after being in some light which is great for a dark stage. This pedal is larger than a standard pedal and will take the space of 2 pedals on a pedal board. Its about a quarter of an inch smaller than a landscaped iPhone 7 Plus in width.

Additional Specs:

  • Awesome Guitar Pedal.
  • Eddie Van Halen
  • Tough Construction.
  • True Bypass when not engaged.
  • Runs on 9V or power supply.


    Check out one of my older video demos of the EVH 5150 OverDrive

  • Get the MXR 5150 Overdrive here on Amazon.

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